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: beaten eggs cooked without stirring until set and served folded in half
: the working alias of digital designer Andrew Tran who?
Helping businesses find their place in a connected world.
It's a big world out there and you're going to need something that sets you apart. I'll help you look for it.
I always deliver.
I never flake. When I do, it's only for fish and chips.
Capability - Brands
Developing your brand identity through ideation and iteration, from logo concepts to fully fledged style guides.
Capability - Graphics
Visualising your ideas with an aim to inspire, inform and captivate your target market.
Capability - Landing Pages
Landing Pages
Make your brand identity known and accessible worldwide with a commanding online presence.
Capability - UI
User Interfaces
Give your users a way to interact with you and what you have to offer. Let it shine through intuitive design.
Capability - UX
User Experiences
Know your audience and how they interact with your product. We’ll find out what’s lacking and work out the kinks.
Capability - Illustration
My bread, my butter and my jam! Need an eye catching suite of icons or a pleasing way to visualise your data? I’m your guy.
Latest Projects
Resources for the road.
As part of my professional development and practice, I create resources that you might find useful whether you're a creative professional or just like to snoop around.