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I came on board during a period of growth and change for the company. Starting out as a casual Marketing Assistant, I was allowed to prove myself when I was tasked with modernising the Hendry brand in print and digital media. Within a month, I was offered a full-time position as the Digital Media Officer.

On the daily

I've had the opportunity to wear many hats. I am tested in my abilities across many creative disciplines, including UX design, audiovisual communication, and brand development.

As the sole dedicated digital designer in the company, my role as Digital Media Officer comes tasked with creating vector illustrations for marketing collateral, infographics and data visualisation for tenders, redesigning the company website on WordPress with custom HTML and CSS styling, development of custom icon suite and prepress of all marketing/event promotional material.

Hendry website mockup screens
Web Design

A bit of a polish

Hendry is an award-winning technological innovator that sits at the top of its industry. A company’s website should echo its reputation, and Australia’s first privately owned building surveying firm is no exception.

Hendry’s website was jam-packed with information, with most of it needing frequent updates to keep up with the constantly changing climate in the building and construction sectors and state and federal legislation. Soon enough, with the emergence of new technologies and processes, Hendry had expanded its digital portfolio and had outgrown its online real estate and corporate identity.

Hendry website mockups

Some icons sprinkled here and there

What better to accompany a brand and web refresh than an entirely new suite of custom icons and vector illustrations? Each icon was designed from scratch and made to serve a purpose, whether on a proposal, website or client presentation, etc.

The building illustrations were created as part of a million-dollar tender proposal package for a large commercial real estate company. This tender was successfully awarded to Hendry.

Hendry iconsHendry building illustrations implementationHendry building illustrations mockupHendry building illustrations

Collateral Facelift

Alongside the web redesign, iconography and illustration, a refresh in the digital and print marketing collateral was also enacted.

The transition away from the old corporate style to a modern, sleek, tech-influenced aesthetic was a natural evolution for the company identity. This change coincided with developing digital processes and solutions in-house to complement the service lines and offerings.

Hendry collateral mockups

Not just still images

As a core member of the Marketing department, it wouldn’t be strange that I also have a hand to play in creating the company’s promotional video material.

As the Digital Media Officer, it fell to me to produce video content, branding elements and utilising the talented Hendry staff as on-screen models. All post-production was carried out by myself with heavy input in both pre-production and filming.


Built-Form Advisory

An authority on risk mitigation, statutory compliance, asset optimisation and future-proofing, combined with our expertise in technology and innovation, Hendry provides an integrated, whole-of-life approach to safeguard your asset portfolio.