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Scene at a glance

Cacture’s interface should be familiar to many. For the sake of ease-of-use and familiarity, the standard interface that camera apps use is also present here. With the traditional shutter button at the bottom centre of the screen and controls at the top, users will have no problems picking this up. Where Cacture shines is in its built-in colour manipulation capabilities.

The app will allow users access to a sizeable growing library of LUTs for their photos and videos. Users will be able to download, edit and upload their own custom filters for sharing with their family and friends.

Cacture consists of three main screens: the regular camera viewfinder, the saved filters and the filter repository.

The user can navigate through these screens by swiping left or right. The navigational swipe gestures will still work on the viewfinder screen. Up/down motions will alternate front and rear-facing cameras.

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