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Throughout its 40 year history, Koi has been widely regarded as one of Melbourne’s top premium Japanese restaurants. Koi recognised that its current/outgoing brand and website had become lost in a sea of competing restaurants.

A unique and eye-catching revamp to its style and online presence to reinvigorate its heritage and shine.

The Koi identity is reminiscent of Japanese culture and cuisine, juxtaposing traditional values and premium dining experiences.

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The Big Fish

A logo was derived from the desire to incorporate modularity into the brand. The mark is to be iconic, self-standing, meaningful and robust.

It is a combination of elements that tells a story: a journey of an elegant koi fish finding its way to its next meal.

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Red is symbolic in Asian/Japanese culture and denotes the core historical values of strength, passion, self-sacrifice and humanity. In Japanese cuisine, the bento box is often packaged and presented in a black/dark container with a red inner lining. Adoption of this theme in the website style further strengthens the brand’s ties to its Asian heritage.

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As a secondary element, the floral pattern is made up of symbols known as “mon” – crests used to identify prominent clans and familial relationships throughout ancient Japanese history and can still be seen in use today in some households and businesses.

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