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A design technique employed on websites and mobile apps that encourages users to scroll to view additional content.

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The small, non-essential text that appears on an interface. It has been set up specifically to be short and concise to draw attention to an essential user experience.

Small Caps

Small uppercase letters, generally about half as tall as regular uppercase letters.


The name, logo, and other identifying information at the top of a newspaper or magazine publication.

Web Page Elements

A textual or graphical component in a web page.


The designation of a set of character encoding styles for glyphs that are not capital letters.


An iconic design that is made up of two or three letters.

Design Debt

A concept used in systems design to describe the negative consequences of making seemingly innocuous design changes. Shorthand for a product's delayed but inevitable need to be reworked due to earlier, seemingly trivial decisions not having been fully thought through in the original release.

Designers incur this "debt" by making quick and easy choices that save time in the present but cause more complex problems later on down the road when it becomes necessary to change or add something.


The process of adjusting the spacing between individual letters to improve or avoid particular visual distortions.

EPS File

An Encapsulated PostScript file (.eps) is a vector graphics format. EPS files are typically used to exchange artwork between different design programs, such as Adobe Illustrator and other vector graphics applications, including CorelDRAW, Inkscape, SIAE Draw and others. EPS files can also be used to provide a file format for print.

Mood board

A collage consisting of images, colours and text that is assembled to convey an idea or theme.


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